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David ‘Two Brains’ Willetts blames women for two-brains families

Well done to the Universities and Science Minister, David Willetts, for speaking out on climate change; he emphasises today (The Times, 25 February 2012) that ‘something real is happening’ when the ice cap starts to melt. But did the man … Continue reading


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Smacking is NEVER the answer; violence begets only violence

David Lammy MP is reported to believe that working class people should be allowed to smack their children within ‘reasonable’ limits.   Whether he also believes that (in the public perception?) banning the physical chastisement of children helped fuel the 2011 Summer … Continue reading

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Roll on 5 May, Councillor Bradley?

Spring.  The days get longer, and my personal livid gets stronger.  Not a healthy state for anyone, but with a fair wind perhaps we shall see a degree of amelioration on 5 May (UK local and devolved government election day). … Continue reading

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Early years centres threatened by ConDem cloth ears

My guess is that few (more likely, none) of the present Cabinet – has had personal, direct responsibility for the totally unaided care of a small child, let alone two or more small children, for 24+ hours, non-stop.  If I’m … Continue reading

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