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Campaigning will shift the climate, to end FGM in Britain

FGM (female genital mutilation or ‘cutting’) is embarrassing for us in the mainstream of British life even to consider; but it’s excruciating and debilitating for its young victims. This is one topic where grown-up people must not permit their queasiness to over-rule … Continue reading

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Age-related sexism: women candidates for council, mayor and commissioner elections?

Age-related sexism is a real obstacle to progress in getting more women to the political frontline, and it’s well time that political parties began to realise that and act upon it. The repeated failure in the UK and beyond to achieve more women … Continue reading

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FGM (female circumcision) is illegal and cruel – and culturally challengeable everywhere

Today, 6 February, is the United Nations’ International Day Against Female Genital Mutilation. We must all face up to the facts; FGM happens in communities in the UK and Western Europe as well as elsewhere. In Britain debate this week is about ‘multiculturalism’ … Continue reading

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