Older, if not wiser
and a Blogger

I didn’t burn my bra in 1968, but I was there, gaining during my college years some of the insights of the then-evolving progressive feminism; and I do recall, vividly, the sense of dreary, grey hopelessness – disappointment and deadened dreams – which many of us in the UK later experienced in the 1970s to 90s.   I don’t want that to happen again, and I shall try here to explain why.

My own personal experience quite often informs how I think about these things, but what PinkPolitika writes about is more than this.  Herstory looks at how women fare as time marches on.  But adopting the ‘herstory perspective’ will I hope also help us to see what’s of value for everyone, and perhaps show us how to hold on to and develop the things we have learnt which benefit us all….

and I live, as ever, in hope…

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Strictly Politically is written by Hilary Burrage, as an attempt to explore progressive feminist politics.  Views and opinions unless otherwise indicated are Hilary’s personal reflections, and are expressed with the overt intention of opening (rather than closing) debate; constructive comment and further analysis or illumination are welcome.  None of us has all the answers, but we can learn together.