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A century so far: will the need for International Women’s Day ever be past?

Today is the one hundredth International Women’s Day.  Whilst I can’t speak for the first half of the past century, I recall fairly clearly most of the second half. And strangely – given that my early years were of necessity geographically … Continue reading

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Clone man backroom

We read today that David Cameron wants to replace some members of his Downing Street backroom advisory team following the resignation of his director of communications, Andy Coulson. Sadly, it surprises me not at all that every one of those I’ve seen reported as … Continue reading

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Why all the articles I’ve posted below?  Well, sometimes we do have to say something….   I’m new neither to blogging nor to politics, but I am a bit outside the profile of your average www aficionado.  Not too many bloggers as yet are women … Continue reading

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