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CSA charges: the ConDems punish women and children, and shield men (again)

The ConDem administration doesn’t just disregard women; it evidently wants to put them firmly back under the control, however odious, of men. How else can we explain the intention as an element of the Welfare Reform Bill that single parents … Continue reading

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LibDems prop up the Coalition; they don’t protect us from it

It takes a special sort of bare-faced nerve to be a LibDem politician right now. Extraordinarily, they ask us to agree that the Coalition is being molded by them in positive ways and would, by inference, be ‘worse’ without them. … Continue reading

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The Murdock miasma driving Clegg via Cable from Cameron – what next?

The extraordinary revelations of the past week, as grim fact upon grim fact is revealed in the News of the World phone-hacking horror story, are we all agree only the beginning. What comes next, we are also all agreed, is … Continue reading

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What part of ‘ConDemistas: incompetent’ don’t we understand?

If there was ever any sheen to the Coalition’s domestic ‘policy’, that is now well and truly gone. Whether health, educational or even generic issues such as their self-styled Big Society, it’s pretty clear that ConDem ministers have made little effort … Continue reading


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Tory ‘dictatorship of the moment’ … LibDems, where are you?

There is clear and fundamental purpose behind the apparent chaos of the current Conservative-led ‘reforms’.  The chaos is a cover, whether intentional or not, to distract us whilst a root-and-branch revision of the rules of engagement is being embedded into UK politics. There’s little doubt now … Continue reading

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