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Personal politics; when moralising replaces civic responsibility

The big issues in UK politics are how the Government is destroying public services, in favour of provision for which it is absolutely not responsible.  De-governance as quickly as possible is the route our Conservative-dominated political leadership has chosen. The increasing interference … Continue reading


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David ‘Two Brains’ Willetts blames women for two-brains families

Well done to the Universities and Science Minister, David Willetts, for speaking out on climate change; he emphasises today (The Times, 25 February 2012) that ‘something real is happening’ when the ice cap starts to melt. But did the man … Continue reading

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CSA charges: the ConDems punish women and children, and shield men (again)

The ConDem administration doesn’t just disregard women; it evidently wants to put them firmly back under the control, however odious, of men. How else can we explain the intention as an element of the Welfare Reform Bill that single parents … Continue reading

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Male policy wonk decrees on breastfeeding

‘Breastfeeding by UK mothers rises from 76% to 81%‘ is the headline of a report in today’s Guardian. It is, a Government spokesman tells, “encouraging to see an increase in the number of women who start breastfeeding”… Well, yes, most of … Continue reading

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A century so far: will the need for International Women’s Day ever be past?

Today is the one hundredth International Women’s Day.  Whilst I can’t speak for the first half of the past century, I recall fairly clearly most of the second half. And strangely – given that my early years were of necessity geographically … Continue reading

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Local government in all its ‘former glory’…?

Local Government Minister Grant Shapps‘  letter in The Guardian today (17 December 2010) refers to the Government’s Localism Bill as a vehicle which ‘will restore local government to its former glory’, and thereby deliver the Big Society. But what sort … Continue reading

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Why all the articles I’ve posted below?  Well, sometimes we do have to say something….   I’m new neither to blogging nor to politics, but I am a bit outside the profile of your average www aficionado.  Not too many bloggers as yet are women … Continue reading

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