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In 1981 the Gang of Four launched a new UK liberal party to ‘heal divisions’…

Will we soon see big MP defections from the LibDems to Labour, in time to prevent wholesale destruction of the UK’s public services? Just about thirty years ago on 26 March 1981 the so-called Gang of Four launched a new British political … Continue reading

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A really worrying start to 2011… maybe they just don’t want to learn

Education in England appears to be undergoing not so much a policy review as sporadic and random assault, if recent decisions by Michael Gove, the Education Secretary, are any guide to what’s happening. First we have the school sports fiasco (personally … Continue reading


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Why all the articles I’ve posted below?  Well, sometimes we do have to say something….   I’m new neither to blogging nor to politics, but I am a bit outside the profile of your average www aficionado.  Not too many bloggers as yet are women … Continue reading

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