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Male policy wonk decrees on breastfeeding

‘Breastfeeding by UK mothers rises from 76% to 81%‘ is the headline of a report in today’s Guardian. It is, a Government spokesman tells, “encouraging to see an increase in the number of women who start breastfeeding”… Well, yes, most of … Continue reading


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Patronising paternalism about parental leave

Two articles in today’s Times (18 January 2011) remind me yet again why there is so far still for women in the UK to go.   In one article, ‘Extra paternity pay is needed to free women, says Clegg’, we learn … Continue reading

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Flu jabs: shifting targets from mortality to (short-term) money?

Health Secretary Andrew Lansley has now confirmed that a majority of pregnant women have not had flu jabs:  more than 70% remain unvaccinated.   Given the low immunity and raised vulnerability of this women expecting babies this is a very serious concern. In past … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday for some; no delivery date for others

A story I heard about events which happened yesterday (Friday 7 January) seems to resonate with some current concerns of top people in maternity care. The tale goes that a leading and very large NHS hospital sent at least two expectant mothers home again … Continue reading

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In fear of livelihoods; or only of luncheon? Some inequalities do justify shroud-waving

‘Some of us are in fear of our livelihoods; others only of our luncheon.’ Thus, with beguiling directness, wrote Matthew Parris in his Times article yesterday (1 January 2011:  ‘Don’t kid yourselves. There must be victims’). ‘We are not … … Continue reading

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